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HP F9K17A HP 728 300-ml Cyan Ink Crtg for T730/T830 HP 728 300-mHP K1M38AA EliteDisplay S270c

HP H6Y89AA 65W Smart AC Adapter HP 65W Smart AC Adapter

HP H6Y89AA 65W Smart AC Adapter HP 65W Smart AC Adapter

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Feed your notebook with controlled servings of electricity. HP’s new 65W Smart AC Adapter regulates power and offsets electrical spikes, is designed to reduce cable stress, and includes a special dongle to support current and prior HP models – perfect for replacing your notebook’s power adapter or as a needed back-up.


Control the flow while maintaining optimal performance utilizing smart-pin technology, drawing only minimal power when not in use, and helping provide reliable surge protection.
Protect your cable and improve cable manageability. The new right-angled (90°) 4.5mm connector allows access in tight spaces and takes stress off the cord by reducing bending.
Eliminate multiple adapters - a special dongle is provided that allows simple conversion from a 4.5mm connector to the 7.4mm used on some previous HP notebooks.
HP Smart AC Adapters are compatible with all HP Business Notebooks and Tablet PCs NOTE: Not all models are available in all regions.


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